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Bypass filter systems

Benefits of the AMSOIL Bypass Filter System

significantly longer engine life

See how the AMSOIL Bypass Filtration System removes particles as small as 2 microns for maximum protection.

Most engine wear is caused by particles in the 5-20 micron range. AMSOIL Bypass Filters effectively remove contaminants as small as 2 microns, giving your engine the ultimate in wear protection. Less engine wear means better engine condition and longer life.

Efficient removal of small particles and soot

Highly efficient, his AMSOIL bypass filter element is 98.7 times more efficient at removing particles down to 2 microns, extending engine life. It is also a very effective soot removal device.

Reduced maintenance costs

The AMSOIL Bypass Filter System dramatically improves engine protection and helps avoid costly repairs associated with engine wear.

A bypass oil filter system has a secondary filter intended to remove almost all contaminants from the engine oil. Offline filters have a high capacity and remove much smaller particles than full flow filters. It reduces wear on the engine and increases the amount of oil, but because it is more efficient, the throttle is also higher and full flow he should be used in conjunction with a filter.

How the bypass filter system works

Bypass filters work by filtering the oil on a “partial flow” basis. Each of these uses about 5% of the oil pump’s capacity and traps very small wear-causing contaminants that a full flow filter cannot remove.

This is called a bypass filter because the oil returns from the bypass filter to the oil pan and bypasses the engine. This continuous process ultimately results in all oils being analytically pure, reducing long-term wear and potentially extending drain intervals.

Durable Construction
AMSOIL bypass systems and bypass filters are ruggedly built to withstand the harshest operating conditions. Long service life even under difficult driving and operating conditions.

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