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AMSOIL Synthetic Hydraulic Fluids

Formulated to resist high-temperature breakdown, helping keep hoses, valves and pumps clean and operating properly.

Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil

  • Provides strong wear protection to protect pumps and motors
  • Resists corrosion for long component life
  • Fights sludge to help maintain the cleanliness and operability of pumps, valves, solenoids and other components
  • Provides good filterability for maximum fluid performance and life
  • Resists foam to guard against cavitation and promote efficient operation

AMSOIL Synthetic Industrial Lubricants

Industrial equipment requires clean, high-quality hydraulic oil to operate efficiently and achieve
maximum life.

  • Excessive oxidation results in harmful deposits and varnish that cause a host of
  • problems, including stuck valves and decreased efficiency. AMSOIL synthetic hydraulic oils
  • maximize hydraulic system efficiency and longevity.

Synthetic Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil


  • Readily biodegradable, with an environmental persistence classification of Pw1, the fastest and highest level of biodegradation.
  • Helps reduce environmental harm in the event of leaks or minor spills.
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